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Adana $19.50 press11 Oct 20
Adana $19.50 press11 Oct 20
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There is no ink on the platen but...8 Nov
Ben, Happy Dragon's Press in Essex...13 Dec
The Geitz is £350. They turned it over...8 Jan
You will find there are two models of...20 Jan
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Looking at the picture you have...15 Feb
I've restored one of these see...13 Mar
I did a 5 year apprenticship as a...1 May
Looks like a common proofing chase to...1 May
If you have time pop in and see us at...8 May
It is different heights depending on...29 May
Look on the the side, ink disc to the...13 Jun
The alloy parts can be cleaned in lemon...13 Jun
We have complete one at the Paper Trail...26 Jun
I've bought two Adana No 2 presses in...26 Jun
Yours are the best pics of a showcard...27 Jun
You could get a kit from...2 Jul
You are missing the safety guard on the...9 Jul
The 1902 Pearl 14 at the Paper Trail...11 Jul
I have a Sofadi showcard font but no...18 Jul
It will be a a High Speed 1, they make...20 Jul
I acquired one of these a few months...21 Aug
The Quarto is a desirable press in the...21 Aug
As told to me by a Ludlow engineer last...23 Aug
I put the picture on flickr...13 Sep
There is printing on wheels in the...4 Oct
I use lemon juice to soften the...9 Oct
I presume you are joking about painting...11 Oct
The original question is about Adana...12 Oct
I use lemon juice on Adanas to clean...12 Oct
Probably acrylic giving a harder...16 Oct
This is the link to an Ajax...28 Oct
For Germany contact this...16 Nov
I think it is for hot foil. The short...5 Dec
As far as I am aware there were no...27 Dec
A night storage heater is basically a...30 Jan
When printing an etching you will...6 Feb
I use oil based old fashioned...11 Feb