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Source for pulp paper? 81 Aug  Markus Krueger
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New to me Pearl #3 (pics) - now to... 79 Aug  zbang
Moving a Golding Pearl Improved #11... 139 Aug  theluckylittle
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Photopolymer plate making in-house 1215 Aug  dp
Tabletop press and outfit for sale... 117 Aug  bcammack
Arab Foolscap: Roller Specs /... 418 Aug  simontee
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Folder 42 Sep  jhenry
Folder 22 Sep  typenut
Going price for type sold by weight 32 Sep  inky
Paging Stan Nelson or Jim Walczak 13 Sep  mephits
C&P 8x12 Mover recommendations: NC 48 Sep  moe_szys1ak
Golding Improved Pearl #11 parts... 28 Sep  jtaylor
Lead Type for @, #, and / (at sign... 510 Sep  harrildplaten
Paper Cutter Electrical Advice 1011 Sep  zbang
Sheridan's New Model paper shear 114 Sep  shadow ranch fo...
U.S. Mail warning  1315 Sep  parallel_imp
Line-O-Scribe 1422 Impression... 316 Sep  emaynard
Pricing 8" x 12" Old Style C&P 317 Sep  whistlepigpress
Louis Colavecchio, Master... 818 Sep  winking cat press